Stop Ransomware for Free!

Is ransomware keeping you up at night because you’re worried about your business getting hammered? Here is something you can do yourself, for free, to protect your organization from ransomware.

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Ephraim with FIT. I know you’re busy and you don’t have time, but is ransomware keeping you up at night because you’re worried that your organization might get hammered by ransomware? A lot of companies have been severely impacted, even gone out of business, because of it. Well, there’s that something you can do, free of charge, and it works awesome.


What it is, is a policy that’s enforced on your endpoints that stops executable files from running in temporary folders. I know that was super techie and you’re like, what was that? But basically, it’s important because that’s how ransomware executes, every time, even the latest and greatest flavor of it.


So, if you have that policy in place, even if your endpoint protection, for example, didn’t get installed or it somehow failed you, the ransomware simply wouldn’t be able to execute. We have it in organizations, and we’ve even ran ransomware against it, and it can’t execute. It works amazing. Your IT department or your IT provider can do it themselves, but perhaps they’ve never done it before, so we can help.


If you click the link below, we will send you that policy for free—no obligation—as a service to the community. But if there is a business problem that we can solve for you, we want to have a conversation. We love solving business problems. Click the link below, and we look forward to getting that policy to you and having a conversation if it makes sense.