Reduce IT Spending

Is it worth having a conversation if we can make your IT spending pain disappear? Does your company need to fix or reduce IT costs this year? Many organizations trust FIT Solutions to analyze spending and inefficiencies. The results have been amazing for those clients, with an average savings of 7% - 36% from the overall IT budget. When FIT Solutions is working to help an organization save money, our focus is finding innovative ways to reduce costs without reduction in quality. FIT Solutions has built a reputation for being skilled and doing what is best for our clients.  

Assessment of Invoices and Spending

When an organization is trying to save money, it is important to identify current operational costs, upcoming capital expenditures, and realistic cost reduction goals over the next 12 months. Reviewing capital and operational costs will allow FIT Solutions to identify each problem area as well as what savings can potentially be achieved. 

Discovery of Inefficiencies

Are all services being fully utilized? Can the organization be better served by another solution? Many organizations have benefited from FIT Solutions' ability to find and remedy inefficiencies to drive down costs. 

Utilization of Master Agents and Channel Partnerships

FIT Solutions has multiple ways to drive down costs for clients. Hardware and software can often be purchased through channel partnerships for less than going direct. Internet, phone systems, Cloud Services, and other SaaS services can be sourced directly from the providers, but going through master agents allows huge discounts for the client. Reduced IT service costs are another benefit of working with FIT Solutions.

Negotiation on Behalf of Client

FIT Solutions has made a pledge never to sell a client anything unless it brings value. This is part of our moral code that has made us successful. We will only present solutions that are in the best interests of our clients. We will negotiate aggressively with vendors using our industry knowledge to make sure our clients are successful.