Reduce Downtime

What is the True Cost of Downtime?

Has your organization calculated the cost of downtime by category and past frequency? FIT Solutions highly recommends that organizations calculate and understand the cost per hour and yearly downtime metrics by category. Decision-makers are constantly faced with tough budget decisions; understanding the true cost of downtime and year-to-date losses will enable your organization to be balanced and strategic. Would you like to know how to reduce downtime?

Identifying the Source

Often the source of downtime or inefficiency is easy to identify and remediate. Other times it seems like it is a storm of small issues bombarding an organization. Occasionally organizations will bleed out revenue due to inefficiency without ever identifying that this is related to downtime. FIT Solutions has helped organizations in each of these scenarios. Are there some pain points you would like to see resolved? 

Streamlining the Existing Environment

FIT Solutions has helped other organizations find effective means to maximize their existing environment. By applying best practices and fully utilizing existing solutions, we have helped our clients avoid spending money for new solutions unless it was the right course of action. Is this an approach that makes sense for your business? 

Technology Business Planning

FIT Solutions assists our clients by helping create a living document called the Technology Business Plan. The document is broken into the following articles: 

  • Security

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • Compliance

  • Environmental trends and enhancements

  • Licensing and Renewals

  • IT Road Map

This document has helped many organizations identify gaps in their environments, suggests solutions, and helps with overall budgeting and planning over the next 3 - 24 months. FIT Solutions uses this opportunity to provide consulting and open dialogue. Ideally this meeting happens quarterly to review status and update the document. Would regular consulting and IT strategy sessions help reduce downtime in your business?