Our Vision

We are catapulting small and medium businesses by providing best-in-class IT Services. This will be delivered by "Intrapreneur"-run IT-dedicated teams. Each dedicated team consistently delivers high quality results via a structured and proven process.

FIT Core Values

Elite Raving Fan Culture
Constructive Communication
Humble & Adaptable
Teach & Promote
Team Unity
Results Driven

Meet the Team

Everything we do has a profound impact on the lives we touch. Therefore, our company exists for the purpose of providing  ‘elite, premium, white glove’ value-based service to our clients and a high quality of life for our employees. Our unique core values attract and unite individuals focused on building a stable, desirable work environment, and exceptional solutions we are proud of.

Joel, Co-founder

Ephraim, CEO & Co-founder

Natasha, COO

Damien, Senior Engineer Consultant & VCIO

Tom, Project Manager

Stormy, VCIO

David, Procurement Manager

Irene, Accounting Manager

Shane, Director of Managed Services

Lynsey, Account Manager

Amy, Account Manager

Megan, Marketing Director

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